MindMagic - The Mind Readers Convention


The first year - 1998

Mentalists generally fall into one of two groups. They are either magicians, presenting their mind-reading in exactly the same way that they'd present a regular magic trick, or they take themselves far too seriously and in an effort to act like a real mind-reader, apply forced patter and suspect acting.

But there are those who succeed. Performers who find and understand the balance between the believability of their performance, and the power of their material. Who break down the audience's sense of logic, of 'what is' and 'what should be', and cause the audience to actually question whether what they've just seen was indeed 'the real thing'.

Achieving this sense of doubt, this self-questioning in the mind of the audience, is powerful stuff indeed.


The MindMagic seminar explores this and many other aspects of mind magic. It is analytical in nature, with nothing being taken as read. The hope being that we all learn something new and perhaps even question what we'd never thought to question before.

Duncan Trillo, 1998